Tara Shaw

Travel Advisor

Tara Shaw

I started Resfeber because of my passion for Travel. I wanted to be able to share this passion with prospective travelers. At a very young age I started traveling the world and fell in love with it. I have seen so many incredible places where I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people. I want to help you have an amazing experience with traveling.

I have spent many hours planning and organizing trips for my family and friends and I have loved every minute of it. I thought I could share this knowledge and experience with people like you, who are planning a trip. There is an enormous amount of information available today and trying to figure what is meaniningful is difficult to do with limited time, and that is my purpose and the reason I started Resfeber.....to ease the planning for people so they can enjoy their trip, hassle free.

What makes Resfeber unique?

At Resfeber, I strive to provide you a stress free planning process. You come to me with a idea and I will provide you with a detailed hand crafted travel plan, that is, a personalized trip itinerary. It is this hand crafted travel plan that separates Resfeber from the other travel companies. If its a family, couple or girls or boys trip, we are the company to plan that next trip!!

Any Questions?

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