Group Travel

Discover the beauty of a country when you travel to a destination with people from different parts of the world but have the same interest in mind. Our travel agents at Centre Holidays can organize cruises, rail tours, or a luxury safari that suits you. From cruising across the seven seas to exploring the motherland Africa, there is a tour and an expert tour guide to care for you and the rest of the group. Your only responsibility is to sit back and enjoy each stop on your itinerary.

A group tour is a great way to build up your network of friends. You are automatically creating a bond with the members of the group as you share lifelong memories and experiences together. Enjoy hidden gems and the most important sites, while each member of the group brings a different perspective to the tour and allows you to learn more about a destination.

Let Centre Holidays handle the planning so that you can relax, make new friends and experience a destination on a group tour.

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